February 2016

To keep the motorcycle chain remains well owners typically use a lubricant to lubricate the chain of the bike, but here to note the use of lubricants, many of the riders lay people who do not know about how to lubricate the chain is good and true, they use waste oils to lubricate the chain, this is certainly not recommended.

It’s actually based on my own experience when lubricate the chain, first because it did not know about how to lubricate the chain well I carelessly using used oil, as they often see people using used oil to the chain. As a result of my chain so noisy and there are patches of rust if late lubricate the chain, ya understand lah, still do not know, hehe Well, to answer that all this time the automotive universe will discuss, observe good ya! :-)

Why type of lubricant to be the first to note, because it is the underlying to lubricate the chain of your vehicle.

Do not use used oil to lubricate the chain, because the used oil containing residual waste products of combustion in the engine, and debris, and if it is used to lubricate the chain can impact erosion on your chain, and the chain you will easily corroded and also noisy. Use a special lubricating bike chains are sold in stores that sell equipment motorcycle maintenance or repair shop, specialty lubricants usually have the name Chain Lube chain.

By using the Chain Lube we could reduce the noise a bit noisy chains and keeping it durable.